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Your business could be of any size, we can assist you with adding VR highlights to your sites and applications. Our VR developers can virtually show you how your business would look like even before they begin building, physically. Or then again a group of medical specialists can be prepared for a significant level of clinical technique or sports players can examine the previous evening's games in their own home through this innovative technology. We can provide business and enterprise solutions, Gaming Apps, marketing and promotional tools, and visualization of solutions.

Game Development

Making games is the most vigorously segment of our business. Our skilled personnel is able to deal with ventures from both scratch or from any development stage, changing your thought into an addictive game, guaranteeing extraordinary solutions for your fantasy venture. Recinfotech has been effective in the deliverance of an exceptionally intuitive and energizing gaming experience on mobile, console, and other VR platforms. The Unity 3D technology enriches the interactivity of the applications based on 2D/3D graphics, making the virtualizations, lifelike.

AR Development

Rec Infotech is one of the main AR development organizations that apply the best-of-breed instruments and procedures to display exceptionally vivid encounters. It helps organizations in giving a virtual climate like that of the actual world, to their customers for better business results.

VR Development

Our ability in VR advancement is rumored to present the idea of client-driven and quantifiable item improvement in the scenario, focussing on conveying increased and augmented reality encounters, to facilitate your client base. In doing as such, we advance your basic business objectives and make you stand apart from the rest.

App Development

We develop Apps that turn your ideas into a new driving force to augment your business. We have on our rolls brilliant web and mobile app developers to deliver projects well on time, maintaining the top-notch code standards. Providing custom solutions for your business you may contact us at any project stage from just an idea to architecture, right from development to support and quality assurance.



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